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Commercial Custom HEPA Filters

APC Filtration Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer providing over 35 years experience in critical air filter design, engineering, manufacturing, filter testing and appliance/equipment integrity testing for global OEM’s of industrial, commercial and household equipment.


Antimicrobial Air Filters

mrsa-bacteriaAPC is also experienced working in the agricultural sector. We developed a custom antimicrobial air filter for a large commercial swine operation in order to reduce the prevalence of the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) among the livestock. Our custom high efficiency antimicrobial air filter system played a critical role in the client’s biosecurity measures.


Cabin Air Filters

Protecting cabin air quality and the health of workers is crucially important for manufacturers of off-road vehicles and heavy machinery. Cabin air filters clean outside air before entering the operator’s cabin protecting him or her from dust, VOC’s and potentially harmful particulate. In addition cabin air filters also clean recirculated hot or cold air, based on a 60/40 split of outside to inside air.

Today APC is working mobile HVAC companies to develop custom HEPA filters and carbon filters to provide VOC protection to cabin operators.

Working for a mobile HVAC company, our engineers developed a three level air filtration system for a variety of off-road vehicles, including farm and construction equipment, subway cars, and underground mining equipment. Designing custom HEPA filters to meet each unique piece of equipment was a major success, compared to previously tested standard size and type filters tested.

APC has tackled some very challenging applications over the last 34 years. In one case, we were contracted by a manufacturer of cabin air HVAC systems for off-road construction equipment. Unfortunately, the design of the cab did not leave enough room for a new filter housing so our engineers had to create a custom filter solution. We developed a sleek, tight fitting ventilation housing for the filter, which was plumbed into the existing cab design.

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