Industry: Off-Road Construction Equipment
Application: Washable Cabin Air Filter

Our client is a major cabin air HVAC systems supplier to Bobcat, Caterpillar, Hitachi, John Deer, Komatsu and Volvo. APC was approached by our client near the end of the cabin design process. Unfortunately the design engineers did not provide enough area in the cab body for APC to properly design a filter large enough to handle the air volume and provide the level of filtration required.

The function of this system is to filter outside air before it enters into the cabin where the operator sits. In addition the filter must handle recirculated hot or cold air from within the cabin based on a 60/40 split of outside to inside air.

After APC engineers analyzed the cab design, they developed a sleek tight fitting ventilation housing that was plumbed into the existing cab design. The air filter would fit inside the ventilation housing duct and seal against a louvered inlet vent cap that screws into the ventilation housing. Easy access to the filter is very fast and simple reducing filter change out. In addition, a special washable filter media was designed to allow the filter to be washed and immediately replaced when used in severe environmental conditions.

The ventilation housing was produced using Rotational Molding using high impact polymer to withstand hits, abrasion and various temperature conditions the cab would be subjected to.

APC Filtration played a critical role for our HVAC client to develop a cost effective and functional solution to what could have been a very expensive cabin redesign.