APC provides filters to Off-Road Vehicle OEM’s to protect the health of equipment operators with cabin air HVAC and HEPA filters, including engine air intake filters.


APC provides filter design, engineering, manufacturing, and filter testing for global OEMs of Off-Road Vehicle HVAC systems. We design custom off-road air filters for construction, agricultural, military, and recreational vehicle applications. It is essential that vehicles working in off-road environments have a robust air filtration system. 

APC works with off-road equipment manufacturers to design, manufacture, and test filters to meet their equipment specifications for their specific applications and environmental conditions. 

We are the leading provider of off-road equipment filtration solutions. Our high-performance filters are specially designed to withstand rugged environments and harsh conditions, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of off-road machinery. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including Cloth Bag Filters carbon filters, HEPA filters, cartridge filters  and Rapid Proto-Typing. With a focus on precision engineering and quality, our filters protect engines and sensitive components from dust, debris, and contaminants. Trust APC Filtration for reliable filtration solutions that keep your off-road equipment running smoothly, reducing maintenance costs, and enhancing overall efficiency. Explore our off-road filtration solutions now!