Industry: Military Vehicles
Application: Combat Environments

APC played a critical role for our client to develop a proven functional filtration solution for extreme environments. Our filters have been used worldwide in the roughest military applications, proficiently filtering cabin air as well as reducing noise. A critical job of the military and its equipment is to deliver tactical supplies, equipment and troops in any weather, environmental and operating condition.

Industry: Industrial Sweepers & Scrubbers
Application: Industrial All-Terrain Sweeper

Sweepers are used in airports, conference centers, office buildings, manufacturing facilities and train stations to sweep and vacuum dust and debris from roads and walkways. A major OEM contacted APC due to problems encountered with their panel filters used to capture dust and debris. In high humidity or moisture conditions the panel filters would plug up quickly requiring frequent cleaning and/or downtime for filter change. In cases were concrete dust was being vacuumed, high humidity or moisture conditions were detrimental to filter life. A robust panel filter was required to capture the finest of dust yet durable enough to handle liquids and sharp metal objects.