During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was essential that critically ill patients be protected from any airborne infections. APC provided critical air filter design, engineering, manufacturing and testing for global OEM's of isolation room equipment, ventilators and PAPR Equipment.


This same environment is required for manufacturers of computer chips, environmentally controlled clean rooms and storage facilities.   

Patients suffering from COVID-19, severe burns, leukemia or AIDs requiring bone marrow, organ transplants or other requirements are highly susceptible to infection. It is absolutely vital the air in protective environment rooms be kept clean and free of pathogens.

APC Filtration Inc. designs custom air filters for protective environment rooms that meet these specific requirements. Some protective environment standards allow for the re-circulation of air within the room using HEPA filters meeting ASHRAE, IEST, EN or ISO test standards. APC has developed a variety of filter solutions to meet the demands of global equipment OEM’s of protective environmental rooms.