off road vehicle

Industry: Mobile Climate Control Systems
Application: Cabin Air Filtration – Off Road Vehicles

A prospective mobile HVAC company needed a custom air filtration solution for aftermarket cabin air ventilation systems used in off road vehicle applications that included farm equipment, construction equipment, subways and underground mining equipment, Standard cabin air filters did not provide HEPA filtration efficiencies and/or odor removal. Sample filter tested to date reduced airflow to the cabin.

APC’s engineering team detailed all dust types and VOC’s the filters could be subject to in each application. APC determined the best option to handle multiple variables was to design a multi-level filtration system consisting of three (3) filter chambers. This design would provide any combination of pre-filter, primary filter, and odor removal filter

  • Pre-Filters – A series of lower cost disposable in various ASHRAE filtration efficiencies to protect the primary filter.
  • Primary filters – A series of five (5) options ranging from 85% to HEPA (99.97%).
  • Odor filters – A series of standard GAC and custom formulated blends to handle various molecular pollutants for optimum gas phase adsorption.

The filter housing was designed for easy filter installation and removal, and could operate using one, two, or all three filters in any combination for a specific application or environment.


The success of this cabin air filtration system allowed our client to expand globally and develop a network of retrofit distributors.

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