Industry: Commercial Cleaning
Application: Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Janitized® is a premium brand of replacement filters for commercial cleaning vacuum cleaners and floor sweepers designed to exceed OEM filter specifications by providing increased air filtration, filter media surface area and filter life to improve indoor air quality.

To meet the demand for “Green” products, APC developed a compostable filter media for Janitized® brand vacuum bags. Unlike household bags, commercial cleaning applications are more demanding picking up to 50% more dust & debris including, staples, paper clips and moisture.

After 18 months of R&D, a four (4) layer compostable filter media was developed. Made from 100% renewable resources Janitized® compostable vacuum cleaner bags are the industry’s first environmental solution to traditional vacuum cleaner bags. Developed to biodegrade when aerobically composted reducing the amount of valuable resources entering our landfills.

A truly “green” solution for our environment.

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