The APC team has worked with a number of OEMs in the medical industry to develop critical air filters for laboratories and bio-safety equipment.

A Scientist In Sterile

It is essential that medical professionals and researchers working with hazardous pathogens have a filtration system that captures and eliminates any harmful microbes. With the potential danger very real, these facilities require a filter that will not fail.  

The APC engineering team has designed, tested, and manufactured air filters for a variety of medical industry needs. These filters must meet specific mechanical, filtration, and safety needs. 

APC Filtration is your destination for top-tier laboratory bio-safety equipment filtration solutions. Our cutting-edge filters are engineered to meet the stringent demands of laboratories, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency. We offer an extensive range of products, including filter bags, carbon filters, HEPA filters and Rapid Proto-Typing. Committed to safeguarding both personnel and sensitive experiments, our filters are rigorously tested to meet industry standards. With APC Filtration as your trusted partner, you can conduct experiments with confidence, knowing that the air quality within your laboratory is pristine and secure. Discover our superior laboratory filtration solutions today!