Clean air is essential to human health and well-being. There are a wide range of air purification systems, from those that clean dust and allergens to filters that eliminate deadly pathogens.

Whatever the air purification needs of your business, APC has the knowledge and experience your project requires.  APC has worked with many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), from a variety of industries, to develop custom air purification components for their equipment.  We design, test and manufacture air filters to meet the exact filtration needs for a variety of OEM products.

APC has designed numerous home and office air purifiers using HEPA filters.  These filters can significantly reduce airborne pathogens.  The HEPA filter uses fibres to trap very small particles, removing them from the interior atmosphere of your home.

Air purification systems clean harmful contaminants from the air in your home, including allergens, viruses, and toxins released from your wood-burning stove.