Global OEM's depend on APC's experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing and testing critical air filters to perform in their specific application and environment. APC's ISO 6 Test Lab ensures filters meet the demands for each application to North American, European and ISO test standards.

Unlike many of our competitors that manufacture standard size construction filters sold direct or through distribution channels or online resources and single market/industry-focused, APC is a diversified industry manufacturer. Our clients are global OEM’s of industrial, commercial and domestic equipment and appliances. Their applications range significantly from every industry sector from A to Z.

The vast majority of our OEM client projects are proprietary with NDA’s held in strict confidence. To meet Military, Defense and Security OEM requirements, APC is a locked down, secured facility providing the highest level of security and confidence measures for highly classified critical air filter development projects.

The following project examples are non-proprietary applications we can share to provide you with some insight into the diversified industries and applications we supply.