When disaster strikes, equipment manufacturers trust APC Filtration Inc. to supply custom designed HEPA filters to meet the demands of their disaster recovery ventilation equipment.


APC works with global manufacturers to design critical air HEPA filters for their air scrubbers, air movers and air purification equipment. 

Flooding and water leakage can be extremely destructive. Whether from something as simple as faulty plumbing or as severe as a hurricane, water can damage buildings, their contents, and threaten the health of their inhabitants. Contaminated air following severe water damage can be dangerous for the health of clean-up crews. Air remediation equipment to filter out pollutants is an essential component of many disaster recovery operations. 

APC Filtration’s cutting-edge disaster recovery ventilation filters ensure clean, filtered air for critical environments. With a commitment to quality and innovation, our reliable solutions are designed to safeguard against airborne contaminants and maintain optimal indoor air quality. Trust APC Filtration for your disaster recovery ventilation needs.