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APC Filtration Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer providing over 40 years experience in critical air filter design, engineering, manufacturing and air filter testing for global OEM’s of industrial, commercial and household equipment.

Applications include Aerospace, Agricultural, Air Purification, Appliances, Automotive Equipment, Biological Equipment, Cabin Air Filters, Containment Systems, Dental Equipment, Disaster Recovery Ventilation Equipment, HVAC Equipment, Infection Isolation Rooms & Surgical Suites, Manufacturing Equipment, Mobile Equipment, Medical Appliances & Equipment, Off-Road Equipment, Pharmaceutical Equipment, and Protective Environment Rooms to name a few.

Air filtration products include Paper and Cloth Bag Filters, Cartridge & Radial Filters, HEPA Filters, Panel Filters, Pleated Filters and ULPA Filters. Capabilities include Design, Engineering, 3D modeling, Filter Efficiency Testing to IEST and BS EN1822 standards, Leak Testing, Dust Load Testing and Equipment/Appliance Integrity Testing including Private Label product manufacturing and Contract Manufacturing are just a few value added services we provide as a custom air filter manufacturer.
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Custom HEPA Air Filter Testing

Custom HEPA Filters

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) that require HEPA filters often find standard size or “off-the shelf” filters do not provide equipment performance, filter performance and filter life as expected.

OEM’s need a HEPA filter that’s designed specifically for their piece of equipment to provide an optimum and measurable level of filtration, pressure drop, service life and equipment performance.

With manufacturing and testing locations in the United States, Canada, and China, APC has a very diverse and global client base to handle any air filtration application you can throw at us.

custom air filter

OEM Air Filters

Custom OEM Air Filters are specifically designed and engineered to provide superior fit, function, filtration performance and the longest filter life possible compared to standard off the shelf filters.

APC custom air filters can be designed to meet airflow ranges from 1 to 5000 SCFM with efficiencies ranging from 60 to 99.999995% at 0.3 microns including MERV filter ratings from 11 to 15.

Virtually any filter shape can be made including heptagon, decagon, hexagon, pentagon, nonagon and triangle.

Custom Air Filter Manufacturer


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