Industry: Livestock Science (Swine)
Application: Reduce airborne transmission of the PRRS virus.

Our swine industry client shared a problem common to all those who maintain swine facilities: combating the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus. The virus, which affects breathing in young pigs and the reproductive system in older, breeding livestock, is spread by porcine nasal secretions, saliva, feces, and urine, and causes losses to the U.S. swine industry in excess of an estimated $580 million per year. Because field studies suggest that PRRS can be airborne for up to 3km (2 miles), the client approached APC Filtration Inc. to help prevent the spread of the virus within and between its swine farm populations.

After analyzing the ventilation systems in our client’s swine facilities, APC developed a high filtration efficiency 4V filter with a specially treated antimicrobial filter media. We combined this high efficiency filter with a MERV 8 pre-filter to prolong the life of the 4V filter. The V-shaped filter design increases filter area, providing a much lower pressure drop over the life of the filter, offering the additional benefit of reduced client energy consumption. APC also extended the life of each filter through a 4V filter design, which reduced waste disposal and maintenance costs by decreasing the number of filter changes previously required. APC Filtration played a critical role in our client’s comprehensive biosecurity measures for each farm.

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