Our ISO 9001-2015 RFQ process collects defined details and specifics of your equipment and application to determine an accurate assessment of operating conditions for optimal filter design and performance deliverables. Our RFQ process ensures LEAN engineering administration to certify filter design and performance meets or exceeds North American and/or European test standards for custom, unique, proprietary and/or patented air filter design.

At APC Filtration, we take pride in our comprehensive RFQ process. With over 40 years of practice, our RFQ process delivers a LEAN and Accurate assessment of your filter requirements and performance deliverables providing us timesaving’s in costing precision and quote accuracy to meet your utmost satisfaction.

Providing custom-designed air filters, featuring cutting-edge technology are uniquely proprietary for your equipment or device. Superior filter design consistently adheres to the strictest North American and European test standards ensuring unparalleled product quality.

Contact us today for your filter requirements for a truly great product development experience and unrivalled customer service. s trusted experts in the industry, we cater to your specific needs with precision and excellence.

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