The presence of airborne pathogens can have serious, even deadly, consequences for patients, visitors, and staff in hospitals.


At APC we understand the importance of keeping the air in sensitive areas of the hospital free from dangerous microbes. We have partnered with a number of medical industry clients ove the last 40 years to design and manufacture antimicrobial air filters for infection isolation rooms and surgical suites. 

Our experienced team of engineers design and test custom made HEPA and ULPA filters for a variety of medical equipment and HVAC applications achieving the highest levels of filtration efficiency, filter performance and filter life depending on the specific needs of each project. 

APC Filtration provides cutting-edge filtration solutions for infection isolation rooms and surgical suites, ensuring a sterile environment and safeguarding against airborne contaminants. Trust our expert team to deliver custom filtration systems tailored to your facility’s needs. Contact us today to ensure optimal air quality.