Air Filter Testing and Analysis

In addition to our standard testing capabilities, APC is the only air filter manufacturer within our industry capable of providing appliance and/or equipment integrity testing to identify problems areas. Feedback is provided to ensure your assembly operations are air tight and leak proof. APC provides air filter testing to ASTM, ASHRAE, BS EN1822, IEST and ISO test standards. In addition we work with laboratories and Universities in the USA and Canada for third party testing as required.

  • Appliance/Equipment HEPA Filter Integrity Testing
  • Fractional Efficiency Testing (7 channel – 0.3 to 10µm)
  • Dust Load Testing (up to 6000 g)
  • LumiScan Leak Detection Testing

Testing Services

APC Filtration Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer providing over 40 years experience in Air Filter Leak Testing, Fractional Efficiency (FE) Testing and Air Filter Certification to meet global air filtration standards for the detection and analysis of particulate contamination and verification of filtration performance. Additional services included Appliance and Equipment HEPA integrity testing, dust load testing and leak detection testing.

Benefits working with us

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