Laboratory scientists and researchers working with hazardous pathogens and biological experiments must have the proper equipment to ensure that they, the public, and their research data are kept safe and not contaminated. Labs work with biological and chemical elements across fields of research that can present a very real danger if not properly contained.

Air filtration is one of the most important aspects of a safe and well-maintained laboratory environment. Often, standard air filters do not provide the right fit nor filtration level to safely remove pathogens and particles from the air. Most laboratory managers find they require custom air filters for their unique equipment and lab set up.

APC has worked with laboratories from a variety of disciplines to provide custom air filters for their specific needs. No matter the industry, the important research being carried out by these labs requires attention to safety standards so they can complete their jobs properly.

Labs and Disciplines where Air Filtration is Key


Environmental lab technicians and scientists perform tests on a variety of biological and chemical substances. Testing samples of soils, gases, wastewater, and other pollutant levels or contamination provides valuable information about the causes of contamination and directions we can take to help our environment.

In order for environmental science research to be performed correctly, the samples studied must not be contaminated and cannot release their contaminants into the outside environment. This could skew data and render experiments and research invalid. With the right air filters and filtration processes, such as a HEPA filter to remove mold spores, the samples and surrounding space can stay uncontaminated.


Food scientists are utilized throughout the food and beverage industry for a variety of research and development purposes. Whether for quality assurance, standardization, or simply mixing new ingredients and flavours, any lab work revolving around food carries special requirements and risk. Contaminating physical or chemical samples in a food laboratory or improper handling could result in something as severe as a bacterial outbreak in the public. Consumer protection in this industry is key.

Airborne bacteria are a serious concern for those in the food industry. HEPA filters, or a series of HEPA filters, with antimicrobial properties, can help ensure the airborne bacteria stays away from food samples and research. In food science and research, a series of custom HEPA filters are often used to ensure each step of the process has the proper filtration.


medical research laboratory often performs tests and experiments on extremely dangerous pathogens that are hazardous to human health when not contained properly. These scientists aid in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various diseases and can operate out of hospitals, medical facilities, or full laboratories.

Because of the nature of the samples and pathogens that medical researchers in laboratories work with, the proper filtration in vented hoods and isolation areas is particularly important. Many medical research laboratories opt for custom ULPA filters to remove a minimum of 99.9995% of particles @ 0.12 microns. Custom ULPA filters for medical research facilities are a critical aspect to safety in these areas.

APC Offers Critical OEM Air Filters for Your Lab!

Laboratory research in any capacity needs to follow strict isolation and filtration to ensure their samples and tests do not get contaminated. Having the right filtration in hood vents, isolation areas, and throughout the laboratory is key for ensuring employee and public safety, as well as the integrity of the research itself.

At APC, we have over 35 years of experience creating custom OEM air filters for laboratories and research. Whether your laboratory needs HEPA filters, antimicrobial filters, carbon filters, ULPA, or a custom combination of these, we can help. We design, prototype, test, and manufacture custom air filters for laboratory scientists and managers across North America.

For more information about our custom air filters for laboratories, contact APC! One of our representatives would love to speak with you about your custom needs.