Custom-Made Filters for Medical Devices

When developing and producing new medical-grade equipment or devices, it is important to have the right air filter to ensure that the air is clean and free of potentially infectious particles and contaminants. No matter the device or application, APC Filtration can design custom air filters, as well as manufacture and test your HEPA or ULPA filters, and more. We guarantee the highest quality and performance expectations of our filters to help keep everyone safe and protected, while assuring your medical devices are working at their full potential.


According to the World Health Organization, there are an estimated 2 million different kinds of medical devices on the world market, categorized into more than 7000 generic device groups.

Different Types of Medical Filtration

When it comes to air filtration, two things need to be taken into consideration. Firstly, keeping contaminants contained and away from professionals working in medical settings, as well as those being treated. Secondly, keeping contaminants contained and away from the equipment being used and/or products being produced in a pharmaceutical setting.


There are many different types of filters and applications for air filtration in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, from using them within the medical devices themselves, to protecting the people and workspaces where the devices are being used.

Some of the different air filters APC Filtration designs, manufactures and tests for the medical industry include:

  • ULPA filters
  • HEPA filters
  • Belt filters
  • Ultra filtration


APC filtration designs and manufactures the highest quality filtration products for all our OEM clients, including those in the medical and pharmaceutical original equipment manufacturing industry.

Improve Your Medical Device Performance

APC Filtration has been manufacturing custom air filters for the medical and pharmaceutical industry for over 40 years. In one case, our team designed and manufactured an antimicrobial ULPA air filter for a unique and very specific application. We worked directly with our client’s R&D team to develop and manufacture a custom-made ULPA filter capable of operating at 113°F continuous with a 100% positive seal.


In this case, our team was able to get prototypes created and approved in record time, taking only 20 days. Select raw materials, developed to kill microbes upon contact, were used in the production of the filter. As a result, the healthcare industry now has a new medical device that works to its highest potential with a safe and highly effective filter.

Health and Safety

Advanced air filtration systems that protect against harmful contaminants is key for keeping patients and professionals in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, safe and heathy. No matter the equipment or medical device, APC Filtration can take our clients through the entire process – from designing custom air filters to manufacturing and testing the air filters needed for OEMs and their medical devices.


If you would like to learn more about medical device filters, custom HEPA filters, or our other products and services, please contact APC Filtration, Inc.