A Deep-Dive Into Negative Air Machines 

Negative air machines create safe spaces for people to work in, especially within the healthcare and demolition industries. According to a recent report, the global air machines and air scrubbers market size will increase to $62 million US in 2028. This means it’ll be growing at a CAGR rate of 4.4% year over year.  


On top of this, the global air purifier market size was valued at $12.26 billion in 2021 and is predicted to increase at 8.8% CAGR from 2022 to 2030.  


The direct impact of COVID-19 and the increase in pollution levels both contribute to this predicted growth. This is because all healthcare industries and any public space needed to upgrade their air filtration systems. Additionally, the global awareness of needing cleaner and better indoor air quality also contributed to this rapid growth.   

What are Negative Air Machines? 

Negative air machines are air filtration systems that create portable negative pressurization. The negative pressure that they create will isolate a space and prevent harmful pathogens from entering a space, and the positive pressure will keep the clean air inside. With negative air machines the air is removed from the room – completely eliminating dangerous particles from the indoor air. 

APC’s Filters for Negative Air Machines 

APC Filtration works with OEMs to create custom filters for negative air machines and air scrubbers.  

Custom Air Filters 

Our engineers and designers have decades of experience prototyping custom air filters. They’ll ensure that you get only the best filters for your negative air machines so that wherever they’re placed, they’ll provide a safe and clean space for people to function in.  

HEPA Air Filters 

HEPA filters are the most common filters used for negative air machines and air scrubbers. This is because they’re able to remove such small particles from the air, increasing indoor air quality (IAQ) in any area. APC has a variety of HEPA filters and can also work with you to create custom HEPA filters for your negative air machines.  

Where Do You Find Negative Air Machines? 

Negative air machines and air scrubbers are used in various spaces and circumstances, which we have outlined below.  


Negative air machines and air scrubbers are excellent tools to help clear the air of spaces filled with mold, lead, or asbestos. During demolitions, these materials can be found floating in the air and make the space toxic to work in.  


APC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in critical air filter design and manufacturing. Our team will make sure you get the best filters for your air scrubbers and negative air machines used during demolitions.  

Healthcare Facilities 

Any healthcare facility, such as a hospital, walk-in clinic or dental office, needs clean air to operate and provide a safe place for people to visit and work in. They typically have negative air machines that have HEPA filters in them, as they allow air to pass more freely through them as compared to ULPA filters. These machines were in high demand during the coronavirus outbreak to help keep patients and staff safe.  

Disaster Recovery Systems 

Tropical storms, floods, and hurricanes can all cause tremendous damage to homes and buildings and create an unsafe space filled with mold and harmful pathogens for humans.  


Having portable disaster recovery air scrubbers with top-quality HEPA filters can help in these situations. APC understands just how important it is to have the best air filtration in these situations, and we ensure you get the best filters for your disaster recovery air scrubbers.  

Work with APC for Your Negative Air Machine Filtration Needs 

APC Filtration has decades of experience working in the air filtration sector and a proven track record when it comes to custom filters. Whether you need filters for disaster recovery systems or healthcare facilities, we can work with you to design and manufacture only the highest-quality air filter. 


Contact us today for your negative air machine and air scrubber filtration needs. We’ll work to design and manufacture the highest quality air filters for you.