Adding air purifying equipment with high-quality HEPA filters to our schools and public spaces can help protect our children and the public from illness.


Why HEPA Filters are Essential for Any School or Public Space

In June 2020, it was found that over half of the public school districts needed to update or replace several building features, including their air circulation systems. This means that many facilities weren’t regularly checking and updating their systems, which can lead to poor air quality.

With schools and events now getting back to pre-pandemic norms, and with less distancing and masks mandates in place, it’s now more essential than ever to ensure that these buildings and public spaces’ air quality provide a safe environment for everyone.

Research shows that COVID-19 can spread through aerosol droplets. With this in mind, schools need to act fast to ensure they have effective air purifying equipment and high-quality HEPA filters to purify the air and protect their students.


Why use HEPA Filters?

Firstly, the CDC has cited that HEPA filters are over 99% effective at capturing particles that can spread diseases. So not only should they help with the spread of diseases like COVID-19, they also help protect and keep us healthier during flu and cold seasons, as these contagious illnesses are also commonly spread through close contact at school and events.

Furthermore, many schools and public places might not have a central HVAC system, or their system may be too outdated to properly filter and purify the air. To prevent having old or ineffective HVAC systems, you should always check your HVAC equipment at least once a year. This should include having it inspected, cleaned, and serviced to ensure it is performing optimally.

Finally, HEPA filters can provide peace of mind to both students, teachers, and people attending events. This helps keep people safe knowing they will be able to enjoy themselves without the worry of getting sick.

Incorporating HEPA filters into classrooms and public spaces will add an additional layer of protection when meeting in close-contact environments, especially during flu and cold seasons.


Incorporating HEPA Filters in Your Space

To add HEPA filters in your school or event space, you can do so by using portable HEPA-filtered equipment, or fixed, ceiling-mounted units. Portable room air purifiers are great for small spaces or when you would like the ability to move them from space to space. The added benefit of fixed HEPA-filtered systems is that they are often quieter, out of the way, and are designed to last much longer.

APC Filtration Inc works with OEMs to design, test, and manufacture HEPA filters to ensure their equipment is effective at removing these viruses and bacteria, thus assuring the end user is getting the best protection from their air filters.


Protect Yourself and Others

Keeping yourself and others safe has been a foremost concern for the past few years and is still important today. Adding air filtration systems and the right HEPA filters to event spaces and schools provides that additional assurance of a healthy and safe environment for all to enjoy.

If you’re an OEM looking for an experienced air filter manufacturer, contact us to learn how APC Filtration can help design, test and manufacture the best HEPA filters and ensure your equipment’s performance is being optimized to it’s potential.

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