Getting the right filters or HEPA / ULPA filter manufacturer for your animal caging systems can sometimes be complicated. Luckily, APC Filtration has years of experience designing, testing and manufacturing custom-made HEPA and ULPA filters for animal caging devices used in both the farming and pharmaceutical industries.

We understand that animal caging OEMs need the highest quality filters for their cages as the laboratories need to control the air quality when research is conducted. This helps minimize or eliminate the spread of bacteria and viruses between cages, which can adversely affect said studies.


Types of Animal Cage Filters

APC Filtration has a variety of custom-made filters for animal caging OEMs to use, below is an overview of our most commonly requested filter types:

HEPA Filters

Due to the critical environment of laboratories, HEPA filters are a great option for animal caging systems since they are very effective on bacteria and viruses as they remove a minimum of 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles that pass through them.

ULPA Filters

ULPA filters are also filters that are commonly used in sterile environments, although at a much higher efficiency. APC Filtration produces ULPA filters capable of removing a minimum of 99.9995% of 0.12 microns particles. Since viruses can be 100 times smaller than bacteria, this level of filtration is particularly effective if targeting extremely small microorganisms that can spread between animals.

At APC Filtration, our engineers work hard to understand your equipment, application, and operating parameters to give you the best custom HEPA filters available. Additionally, we have a unique quoting process (RFQ) we have developed so that our team understands every critical design feature you need to give you the best-performing equipment at the best price and within your timeline.

Custom Antimicrobial Filters

Our custom-made filters for animal caging systems can apply to a wide range of animals, including swine, poultry, mice, and other rodents. Specifically, we had a project to make custom antimicrobial air filters for the swine industry to help prevent the spread of the porcine reproductive and respiratory (PRRS) virus. This virus causes the U.S. swine industry to lose $millions every year, as it spreads very quickly through saliva, feces, and urine amongst the swine. Additionally, research suggests it can be spread airborne up to 3km, which is why APC Filtration’s antimicrobial filters were pivotal to controlling the spread.

APC Filtration was able to remove 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles, exceed testing requirements, and reduce the amount of maintenance needed on caging systems.


Benefits of Custom-Made Air Filters

When you work with APC Filtration, you get the highest quality filtration to fit your needs. When it comes to animal caging systems used by laboratories, “off-the-shelf” filters typically won’t cut it.

Some of the benefits of working with APC Filtration for custom-made filters include:

  • Getting filters that exceed testing and design requirements
  • Finding solutions with a team of application-experienced engineers
  • Meeting deadlines as our team works to ensure expectations are exceeded while timelines are still met


Further Research on the Animal Caging Industry

Animal caging filters are constantly being studied and developed to improve the environment in which clinical trials are performed. Whether it’s on the developing market for animal cages and what that will look like in the coming years or it’s on the effects of using filter-top cages, research continues to be conducted.

These reports in particular helped garner the statistics needed to show OEMs how COVID-19 impacted the sales of animal cages and what type of filter technology works best for cages when animals are undergoing testing in labs.


Learn how APC Filtration Can Work With You

APC Filtration manufactures custom HEPA filters for animal caging systems and research facilities. It is important to work with a trusted filtration company that has been in the industry for decades and will work with you and your team to develop custom solutions. We understand the importance of high quality air filtration in these sensitive areas and work to ensure you receive the perfect custom filter for your needs.

APC Filtration Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of custom air filters. We have over 40 years of experience in the design, testing, and manufacturing of air filters for global OEMs of industrial, commercial, and domestic appliances and equipment.

Please contact APC Filtration Inc. if you want to learn more about animal caging filters, HEPA filters, or other filtration systems.