Air Filtration Solutions for Wind Turbines 

APC Filtration has years of experience working in the filtration industry providing custom filtration solutions for various industries, including the green energy sector. 

Wind energy is a growing form of green energy across the U.S., where in 2021 $20 billion was invested in new green energy projects. 

This growth is forecast to continue as the push for sustainable and clean energy grows with more alarming news about climate change and its impact on our planet and future generations. 

What is Green Energy?  

Simply put, green energy is a form of energy that uses natural and renewable sources to create power, like the sun or wind. Green energy is and will play an extremely important part when it comes to the future energy demands of our planet. 

Green and natural energy sources help replace traditional energy sources, such as coal, that is known to impact climate change and cause pollutants. In fact, it is forecasted that wind energy will be able to replace 330 million metric tons of CO2 emissions every year. 

What is a Wind Turbine?  

A wind turbine is a form of green energy. The massive turbines are able to convert kinetic energy into power without producing any pollutants. Wind turns the propeller-like blades of a turbine around a rotor, which spins a generator, which creates electricity. As the impacts of climate change continue to negatively affect our planet, renewable energy sources are a key solution to combat excessive CO2 emissions globally. 

Why Air Filters are Important for Wind Turbines?  

Newer wind turbines are very complex, with many of them built using over 8,000 parts. With so many components, it is important to have a good air filtration system with the right air filters to help protect electronics and parts from dirt build up, potentially causing damage or failure to the wind turbine and the performance of the equipment. 

Wind turbines are also extremely large, spanning over 300 feet tall, and require strong, reliable, large filters to protect the machinery. 

What is a Wind Turbine Filter? 

A wind turbine filter is an important part of ensuring wind turbines function properly. It is a filter that’s used designed to protect the inside machinery and electronics of a wind turbine from large particles and contaminants. With the right air filtration, the electronics and motherboards within the wind turbine will be protected, and can run smoothly and do what they are meant to do, produce green energy! 

APC’s Filters for Wind Turbines 

APC Filtration offers custom filtration solutions for wind turbines that will ensure they stay running smoothly for years.  

Custom Air Filters 

APC can work with you to create custom filters for your wind turbines. APC Filtration is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer with over 40 years of experience across various industries and applications. 

Working with APC Filtration, means you are working with a team of engineers and designers with decades of experience. When it comes to the green energy sector, we will make sure to provide you with the highest-quality custom filters that will ensure the turbines run smoothly and operate effectively. 

Start Working with APC for Your Wind Turbine Filter Needs 

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