Brantford, ON – March 28, 2022– APC Filtration, a manufacturer of critical air filters for global OEM’s, is proud to partner with Prestivac Inc., in the production of HEPA and ULPA filters for explosion proof industrial vacuum systems.

Prestivac specializes in product design and manufacturing of legally certified explosion proof industrial vacuum cleaners for contamination controlled environments and hazardous locations. Their explosion proof/dust ignition protected vacuums are grounded to dissipate static electricity to prevent spark and fire ignition. Each vacuum system complies with NFPA 484 guidelines to meet OSHA safety requirements.

Frank Mambro, President of Prestivac reiterates the impact of APC’s filter manufacturing and filter testing capabilities: “APC Filtration supplies us with all our absolute HEPA and ULPA filters for our specialized vacuums. These filters are a critical component that allow our vacuums to be safely used in hazardous locations and controlled environments for the cleanroom, semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. APC’s customer service is very efficient and pricing is very competitive without any compromise to quality. We are proud to have APC as our supplier”.

APC looks forward to the future partnership with Prestivac Inc., to improve the health and safety of our global workforce. 

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