APC Filtration works with global OEM’s to design custom air filters for animal caging systems and the caging industry. There are a variety of considerations to make when designing custom air filters and HEPA filters for animal caging systems, and APC has proudly stood up to the challenge for years.

Maintaining high air quality and a stable environment in laboratories and animal cages is critical for the animal health and research. APC is dedicated to helping create an environment where researchers and animals have comfort and health necessary for their jobs.

A properly-ventilated cage means a reduced cost in labor, money, and resources. Finding long term cost solutions by designing the right air filter is the key for success.

APC works with global OE manufacturers of animal caging systems. Learn more about our recent projects below!

Animal Caging Custom Air Filters

APC was contacted by a major American manufacturer of animal caging systems to design and build custom HEPA filters for rodent caging system and workstation. There are a variety of standards that the HEPA filters had to meet, as laid out by the National Research Council. These standards include a minimum 85-95% ASHRAE efficient filtration to remove airborne particles, a special consideration for volatile substances, and unique filtration requirements depending on the animal’s needs.

In some cases, a carbon filter or anti-microbial filter may be needed to ensure that the right particles are being removed from the air. In the case of this client, a HEPA filter was required to remove 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles while still meeting the NRC’s strict standards for animal caging in the United States.

APC was able to exceed design and test requirements and reduces downtime and maintenance on their caging systems. APC Filtration knows the health and comfort of the animals is just as important as the health of researchers and employees, and we work to ensure that the air filters employed are efficient and perfect for the job.

Antimicrobial Filters for the Swine Industry

Another project APC was recently involved in was custom air filters for the swine industry. A client approached us who was having challenges associated with the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus. This is a challenge shared by many in the swine industry, as the virus is transmitted through the air up to 2 miles, meaning it is very easy to spread from animal to animal, and even building to building.

APC researched and developed a custom 4V antimicrobial filter to ensure that the virus would not spread through the air. We combined this filter with a MERV 8 pre-filter to prolong the life of the 4V filter, ensuring that replacement and maintenance would not be an issue in the future.

APC’s filter design significantly improved the client’s comprehensive biosecurity measures for their farms and animal welfare. Reducing the airborne transmission of PRRS is an important aspect in the swine industry and a necessity to ensure the success of a business.

The AALAS National Meeting

APC is proud to be attending the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science annual National Meeting this month. This organization and its members are dedicated to the production, care, and use of laboratory animals.

APC is proud to work with members of the AALAS to learn about new technologies and techniques for animal caging systems. As a leader in air filters for animal caging systems, we see the value and importance in the industry for companies, employees, and animals alike.

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If you work in the animal caging or laboratory industry, APC can help you create the best air filter for your needs. Whether you need a simple air filter to supplement existing systems, or a new multi-stage set up for HEPA filters, or anything in between, we can help.

View some of our recent projects with animal caging systems here!

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