Hurricane season in North and South America is only just starting, and yet we’ve seen some powerful storms already across the region. Hurricanes Michael, Florence, and Leslie are just three of the most destructive named hurricanes that have lead to widespread flooding, wind damage, displacement, and casualties.

With climate change contributing to more powerful and frequent storms, and things like wildfires becoming more and more widespread, disaster recovery is going to continue to become more and more important to NGOs, relief agencies, and governments. Having the right disaster recovery equipment is key for disaster relief, clean up, and getting residents back home as safely and soon as possible.

There are many facets of disaster recovery that must be employed for a successful clean up, including using the right equipment with the right supplies. Air filters in disaster recovery equipment must be able to stand up to weeks of constant work in harsh conditions.

APC Filtration has worked with companies in a variety of industries related to disaster recovery to help ensure the entire process is efficient and effective. We understand the importance of high quality custom air filters for these applications.

There are a variety of areas where air filters are key for disaster recovery.

HEPA Filters for Disaster Recovery after Hurricane Katrina

APC is proud to have been involved with the disaster recovery in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. APC Filtration created, developed, and built the HEPA filters used to clean up the Superdome after it was used as a shelter for the people of New Orleans.

The clean up of the Superdome took over a year to complete and cost over $185 million. The first step to cleaning the space was to remove the contaminated air from the structure. Air remediation equipment was used to filter out the bacteria and other harmful airborne particles. APC’s custom HEPA filters for disaster recovery were key in this air remediation equipment. Our robust HEPA filters were able to capture dust, dirt, bacteria, and other particles that would have otherwise made the structure uninhabitable.

Without HEPA filters in the air remediation equipment in the Superdome, the disaster recovery process after Hurricane Katrina would have been less effective, more expensive, and taken more time. We are proud that we could contribute to helping the people of New Orleans recover after Hurricane Katrina.

HEPA Filters for Air Scrubbers

Air scrubbers are portable filtration systems that remove particles, gases, and/or chemicals from the air. The machines use robust filters to draw air in, remove the contaminants, and release cleaner air.

Particularly after a disaster, the air is full of dangerous particles. Dust, dirt, bacteria, lead, mold, and asbestos are just some of the contaminants that will be in the air if there has been damage done to buildings. These particles need to be removed from the air as quickly as possible to prevent clean up crews and residents from inhaling them. This is where HEPA filters come in.

HEPA filters for air scrubbers are key components of disaster recovery. Placing them in buildings or homes that have been heavily damaged by a storm, wind, floods, or fire is key for protecting people spending time in these areas. If the air filters are not robust enough, these particles will eventually settle onto the cleaned surfaces and still pose a risk to inhabitants, even after clean up is finished.

HEPA filters remove a minimum of 99.97% of 0.3-micron particles that pass through the filter. This particle size is the most difficult size to filter and is absolutely key for disaster recovery and for air scrubbers.

Air Filters for Restoration Equipment

With most natural disasters, flooding is involved. Even in situations like wild fires, water from fire fighting or burst pipes can cause tons of water damage to properties. Water damage poses real threats to human safety as it allows for bacteria and mold to grow very quickly and release spores into the air we breathe. Using custom air filters in restoration equipment is key for removing these particles from surfaces and from the air.

After Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast of the United States, antimicrobial HEPA filters played a big role in restoration. A number of art galleries in the Brooklyn area required robust restoration to save the valuable art pieces that were damaged by water during the storm. Portable fume extractors and vacuum cleaners with high capacity HEPA filters played a large role in restoring the art without damaging the delicate pieces.

Restoration equipment for any application, not just art, needs to be robust enough to remove the damage and harmful particles resulting from it, but also delicate enough to do so without harming the original material. Whether it is for floors, art, or furniture, HEPA filters for restoration equipment are necessary in disaster recovery.

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