HEPA and ULPA filter production increased to meet COVID-19 demand.

COVID-19 has changed the world we live in. Never before has the demand for HEPA filters and ULPA filters been so critical, especially within the healthcare industry.

APC Filtration Inc. is an essential air filter manufacturer and supplier to manufacturers of ventilators, operating room, PAPR and other medical devices.

To keep pace with production demand for critical air filters, like HEPA filters and ULPA filters, APC Filtration Inc. invested in a robotic filter assembly line. This investment is so important for us to ensure our medical device manufacturers have the filters they need to provide the devices our healthcare workers need to help prevent deaths due to COVID-19.

This robotic filter assembly line has been specifically designed and installed to increase air filter manufacturing of HEPA and ULPA filters, tenfold.

The ingenious design of the robotic assembly equipment has the capability to produce radial, cartridge and panel filter constructions. The production line rolls into APC’s ISO 6 test lab where filter testing and certification is performed. After testing, a product is packaged on skids and moved to a designated shipping area ready for transport.

This highly efficient operation has significantly improved production output to meet COVID-19 air filter manufacturing requirements. Once this pandemic is behind us, this production line will be used for industrial and commercial filter assembly.

Contact our team today. We are ready and prepared to meet your air filter needs so you can manufacture the life-saving ventilators and medical devices we so desperately need. We’re in this together.