Bio-safety equipment and processes are critical when dealing with hazardous materials. Whether in a laboratory, hospital, or a research facility, bio-safety cabinets are imperative for removing harmful airborne pathogens from the air. Using the right air filter is key for keeping users safe around biological safety hazards.

APC has worked with companies in designing custom air filters for biological safety cabinets. We understand the sensitive nature of the industry and the needs of companies designing bio-safety cabinets. Our experience means we’re your best choice for designing custom air filters to work seamlessly and efficiently in your biological safety cabinet.

How Do Bio-Safety Cabinets Work?

Biological safety cabinets are enclosed and ventilated laboratory workspaces used for working safely with materials contaminated with specific pathogens. They are specially designed to remove airborne pathogens from the air to protect the laboratory worker and the surrounding environment. They use HEPA filters to remove bacteria and viruses and depending on the class of bio-safety cabinet, may require more specialized air filtration as well.

There are three classes of biological safety cabinets. The first provides personnel and environmental protection, but not product protection. The second class is the most common in clinical and research laboratories because of its inflow velocity and because they protect the environment, personnel, and the product. The third class is rarely used, and generally only installed in maximum containment laboratories to provide protection. Materials enter and leave through a double door and gloves are used to prevent direct contact with hazardous materials.

Biological safety cabinets must be regularly inspected to ensure all parts are working correctly to protect the materials, environment, and employees working on them. If the air filters are not working correctly, the pathogens will not be properly removed and disposed of and will put the employees in danger.

APC’s Two Stage Filter and Frame for a Bio-Safety Cabinet

At APC, we have experience working with biological safety cabinet manufacturers to create custom air filters that will fit their needs and equipment. In one such case, APC was asked to design a two-stage HEPA filter for a biological safety cabinet.

To meet the manufacturer’s custom requirements, APC designed a two-stage HEPA filter for their biological safety cabinet. The second stage HEPA filter acted as a safety measure should the first stage HEPA fail. Because the manufacturer requested two HEPA filters, this presented a challenge for the pressure drop and filter efficiency. We were required to test several combinations of filter media to ensure both HEPA filters passed H14 testing efficiency. Other requirements included metal-free, non-toxic materials, and a custom packaging design so the filters would not be damaged in shipping.

APC was able to meet all these requirements and meet testing efficiencies for the HEPA filters for the biological safety cabinet. Now, APC supplies 100% of the manufacturer’s critical air filters.

To learn more about our two-stage HEPA filter for biological safety cabinets, view our project example here!

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