Critical air filters are designed and engineered to meet airflow ranges from 1 to 5000 SCFM. Filter efficiencies range from prefilters starting at 60% ASHRA Efficiency up to ULPA at 99.999995% @ 0.1 microns in particle size. APC qualifies each filter design through in-house 3D modeling and laboratory testing to meet North America and European test standards.

APC complies with ISO 14/12/9 particle count and ISO 9001:2015 quality manufacturing standards. Our critical OEM filters provide businesses around the world with the filtration standards they need to operate safely.

HEPA Filters

In many applications, HEPA filters have become the standard for OEM equipment and appliances. HEPA filters must remove a minimum of 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles that pass through the filter. This makes them ideal for OE manufacturers of industrial, commercial and domestic equipment that require filtration to remove allergens, dust, pollen and bacteria from the air.

APC Filtration designs and manufactures custom air filters for a variety of OEM industries with specialized requirements. These include:

  • HEPA filters for food and beverage production and processing
  • Anti microbial HEPA filters for the swine industry
  • HEPA filters for animal caging systems
  • HEPA filters for military vehicles

Most of our clients require custom HEPA filters to meet their specific application. Made to order HEPA filters are often suitable for residential HVAC systems however custom designed HEPA filters for industrial and commercial systems require custom made HEPA filters for optimum filter performance and filter life.

ULPA Filters

ULPA filters filter capture a minimum of 99.999% of airborne particles down to 0.12 microns in size. ULPA filters are used in extremely sensitive areas where airborne particles are dangerous and need to be contained and filtered in order to keep equipment functioning properly and occupants/operators safe.

A prominent example of an industry requiring ULPA filters is in healthcare. Hospitals and medical research labs. Viruses are very small particles that are not always captured by HEPA filters. ULPA filters are needed to remove smaller pathogens from the air in to keep people safe.

MRSA is a particularly difficult virus to handle and can have a large negative effect on healthcare facilities. APC Filtration designed and manufactured an ULPA filter capable of capturing 99.9995% of 0.12 micron particles for a market leader in the medical field to help battle the spread of MRSA.

In any situation where ULPA filters or critical air filters are necessary, it’s vital the filters to meet and/or exceed industry filter standards for our client’s requirements.

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APC Filtration is an ISO 9001:2015 quality managed filter manufacturer providing over 35 years’ experience in critical air filter design, engineering, manufacturing and testing. Our clients are global OEMs of industrial, commercial and domestic equipment and appliances. They rely on APC to ensure our filter products meet and/or exceed their expectations and requirements.

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