When a client approaches APC to design and manufacture a custom air filter, our RFQ process provides a predefined approach to filter design and performance expectations for client review. Once filter design has been established, product drawings are created for customer review and approval. Then BOM’s are created for costing and a quote is prepared for the customer. Our RFQ process allows us meet industry standards while customizing the process to fit our customers’ needs.

As a leading air filter manufacturing company, APC Filtration has streamlined our production process to ensure all filter products meet ISO international filter manufacturing and filter test standards.

Air Filter Manufacturing

Our custom air filter manufacturing process is transparent, straightforward and delivers very accurate results for our clients. This is also available in an infographic accessible here.


First, we met with the client to determine their exact needs and required specifications. This RFQ step is paramount to the success of the project as this is where we gather all details about the requirement, expectations of the air filter and timeline of the filter project. In this first step, we determine exactly what type of filter is required and the process needed to create it.

3D Designs

Next, we create a filter design using SolidWorks and employ 3D modeling and if necessary fluid dynamic simulations to understand airflow into the filter and particle capture. Using software is key to ensuring that when the physical filter is created, it fits correctly into the housing and provides the correct filtration efficiency and pressure drop.

Rapid Prototyping

Our unique rapid prototyping sets us apart from other air filter manufacturers. We have created fully functional prototypes in as little as seven days for clients with a short timeline. This helps clients expedite equipment compliance testing and allows us to provide faster mass production. Employing rapid prototyping ensures that a production process does not get stuck waiting for the air filter to be completed, and other testing and development can be completed quickly for the end-product.


We test prototype filters in our state-of-the-art ISO 6 Clean Room test lab to analyze filter performance capabilities. This provides a consistent temperature and humidity environment to reduce filter failure rates and reduces manufacturing rejection costs. We offer the best testing facility to ensure timelines can be met and wasted time and materials are eliminated.


Our final step in the air filter manufacturing process is receiving feedback from the client on prototype filter field testing or third part lab testing. Once this has been approved, production is controlled within an ISO 9001:2015 quality manufacturing process to insure filter manufacturing and filters testing meets all compliances.

At APC, we boast a 98% client retention rate over the last 35 years. This speaks volumes in client trust and APC’s manufacturing and delivery accuracy.

APC: North America’s Air Filter Manufacturing Company

APC Filtration is your #1 choice for custom air filter manufacturing. Our process is detailed for every client as no project is the same. Our RFQ process has been refined over the last 35 years to provide very accurate performance modeling for OEM client applications. Our process has to be detailed for every client as no project is the same.

For more information about our air filter manufacturing process, contact APC Filtration today.