APC Moves its Manufacturing Back From China

APC Filtration Inc.​ an ISO ​certified​ manufacturer in air filter design, engineering, manufacturing and air filter testing for global OEM’s, is proud to announce that its manufacturing is shifting back to North America.

Due to the rapid growth of the global market, and consolidation of the ​filtration industry, APC filtration has focused several growth initiatives to sustain efficient manufacturing and production. This includes, transferring productions from APC China to Canada, the Automation and installation of robotic filter assembly operations, expanding filter testing capabilities, and manufacturing medical devices.

As we enter the 6th month of the global pandemic, businesses around the world are trying to navigate effective manufacturing and distribution practices in the midst of the novel virus. APC Filtration has become fully operational in North America, to avoid delays in manufacturing, promote efficiency and follow optimal health and safety guidelines. The company is excited to be able to be in the front lines of the pandemic by providing clean air and protecting health across North America.

In addition, the sudden demands of PPE and health care equipment influenced a shift in manufacturing to combat the issues of short supply. APC Filtration quickly pivoted their production to provide ventilator filters, N95 Masks and a variety of different custom HEPA filters to help fight the deadly virus.

As the world continues to re-open, we understand the importance of protecting our communities by producing these vital materials in Canada and the United States, and we pride ourselves in bringing business home.