Custom OEM Air Filters are specifically designed and engineered to provide superior fit, function, filtration performance and the longest filter life possible compared to standard off the shelf filters.

As a specialty custom shop, we are flexible and capable to provide quick turnaround on product design, prototyping, testing and production. Annual production capacity depends on the size and complexity of the air filter. APC can supply up to 1,000,000 small filters annually per year or fewer than 100,000 filters for our largest size. 

Air filter leak testing, fractional efficiency testing, air filter certification, appliance/equipment integrity testing, dust load testing including private label product manufacturing and contract manufacturing are just a few value-added services we provide. 

APC qualifies each custom filter design through in-house performance laboratory testing to meet the following test standards:

  • North America – ASTM, ASHRAE and IEST standards
  • Europe & Asia – BS EN1822-05:2009 standards.

APC logistics provide just-in-time, consolidated shipping, global freight management, global warehousing and Kanban services for all your filter requirements between our warehouse locations in the USA., Canada and China. 

For additional details and to learn more about our custom air filter manufacturing capabilities please see below, view our HEPA filter and ULPA filter projects, or contact us directly to determine what APC Filtration can provide you.