APC has designed a variety of industrial vacuum air filters.  Our custom made air filters exceed standard filter performance at removing many types of dust with custom designed features to make filter installation and removal quick and easy. It’s important to have an efficient vacuum system to reduce work downtime, decrease suction loss over time improve workplace safety and ultimately save your company time and money.

APC’s engineering team has designed a number of custom vacuum air filters to meet the needs of our OEM clients.  Our past projects include secondary and primary filters, vacuum intake filters and vacuum motor exhaust filters.

Recent Projects

industrial vacuum cleaner air filter

An OEM of industrial vacuum cleaners had a problem.  The cylindrical filters used in its vacuums frequently plugged up when working in heavy dust loading conditions.  They contacted APC for a filter that wouldn’t clog, was easier to change, and provided a higher filtration efficiency to improve workplace safety.  APC designed a filter that is now the flagship feature in every model of their industrial vacuums today.  For more information on this project, click below.

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Compostable Vacuum Filter

APC is proud to have developed the industry’s first UL-Certified compostable vacuum filter bag.  This environmentally friendly vacuum solution meets the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Green Guidelines.  Sustainability is important to our company; we are proud to have made this contribution to a greener cleaning industry.  For more information about our UL-Certification, please visit the link below.

APC Filtration Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of custom air filters.  APC provides over 34 years’ experience in the design, testing and manufacture of air filters for global OEM’s of industrial, commercial and domestic appliances and equipment.

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