APC Filtration Inc. designs and manufactures custom appliance air filters for a variety of applications.  Our clients include major OEM’s in North America and Europe.  APC’s design and manufacturing team work directly with our OEM clients to develop custom air filter solutions for their specific appliance and/or equipment.

Whatever your appliance and/or equipment’s air filter requirement, if you need a custom air filtration solution, trust in APC to deliver.

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Appliance Air Filter

Most of us have heard of HEPA filters used in household air filter systems for cleaning mold, pollen and dust mites out of the air. Even vacuum cleaners use them. This is a huge benefit for people with allergies or asthma. But HEPA filters offer much more!  For more information on custom HEPA filters, click below.

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HEPA Filter

APC Filtration designs, engineers, manufacturers and tests custom made air filters for a wide range of OEM commercial and industrial appliances and equipment. We understand the importance of building filters that are custom designed to meet your appliance and/or equipment requirements.  Read this post to learn more details on our process, abilities and experience.

APC Filtration Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of custom air filters.  APC provides over 34 years’ experience in the design, testing and manufacture of air filters for global OEM’s of industrial, commercial and domestic appliances and equipment.

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