Our entire business centers on making the world a better place to live and breathe in.  APC progresses forward with research and development initiatives to make our environment more “green” these days.

Although we’ve always been eco-conscious, APC diversified our business to include biodegradable products for the JAN/SAN commercial cleaning industry. After 18 months of filter media research and product testing, we created a biodegradable vacuum cleaner bag made from 100 percent renewable resources for commercial-grade vacuum cleaners and floor sweepers. In comparison, household vacuums typically pick up dust and small debris, however commercial vacuums are designed to pick up much more debris—including staples, paper clips, and other materials and are subject to significantly more use and abuse.

Surprisingly developing a biodegradable filter media and vacuum bag wasn’t the difficult part. The most challenging issue is to obtain UL, EcoLogo product certification, which took three years in the making. Why so long? The UL, EcoLogo certification is the most difficult and prestigious to obtain especially for a vacuum cleaner bag, it was unprecedented. The entire manufacturing process of all raw materials is subjected to rigorous testing to make sure the earths natural resources such as air and water is not negatively affected. UL tests for effluents from the paper mill deposited into streams and water tables are checked. Fish studies for chemical leaching are conducted 3 miles upstream and down stream where effluents are discharged to ensure food chains are not affected. Air emission samples are taken from smoke stacks to insure air pollution is not being created in both raw material and finished product production.

After years of testing, UL/EcoLogo certification for Janitized® Biodegradable Vacuum Bags is projected for September 2013. We’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, to learn more about our biodegradable vacuum bags and other filter development projects, visit our website.