Air Filter Design, Engineering & Testing

APC’s engineering group provides 3D filter modeling capabilities that allow us to quickly design, model and test air filter concepts for fit, function, performance and longevity for all appliance and equipment applications. Our engineering group created an efficient RFQ program to meet your cost and timeline requirements.


APC’s New ISO 6 Clean Room Increases Filter Testing Capabilities

Increased demand for tighter ISO controls in high purity and critical air filter production also requires filter tests labs to be climate controlled to ensure temperature and humidity is consistent during filter testing operations. Critical air filters, including HEPA and ULPA filters are susceptible to failure if environmental conditions during filter media storage, pleating, assembly and testing operations are not consistent.


In addition to our standard testing capabilities listed below, APC is the only air filter manufacturer within our industry capable of providing appliance and/or equipment integrity testing to identify problems areas. Feedback is provided to ensure your assembly operations are air tight and leak proof. APC provides air filter testing to ASTM, ASHRAE, BS EN1822 and IEST CC-007.1 (HEPA & ULPA) ISO and SAE standards. In addition we work with laboratories and Universities in the USA and Canada for third party testing as required.

  • Appliance/Equipment HEPA Filter Integrity Testing
  • Fractional Efficiency Testing (7 channel – 0.3 to 10µm)
  • Dust Load Testing (up to 6000 g)
  • LumiScan Leak Detection Testing

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  • MOQ of 100 up to 500,000 pcs of finished product
  • Air filters manufactured to your specifications.
  • Private label printing
  • Printed packaging
  • Printed shipping cartons
  • Warehousing in USA and/or CANADA
  • Freight consolidation
  • Shipping and billing
  • Brands – Janitized® Vacuum Cleaner Bags



  • MOQ of 50 up to 500,000 pcs of finished product
  • FOB: Buffalo, NY, USA, Brantford, ON, Canada, or Hong Kong, PRC.
  • Freight consolidation
  • Shipping and billing



  • MOQ of 50 up to 300,000 pleat packs.
  • Wide range of filter media’s
  • Pleat heights from 3/8” up to 11.5”
  • Standard pleat construction, glue bead and aluminum separator options.



  • Global freight management and consolidation.
  • Shipping locations throughout the USA, Canada, and Asia.



October 2017 – APC has expanded its critical air filter testing capabilities with two new test chambers designed and built to accommodate maximum filter sizes of 72” x 24” x 12” and 48” x 48” x 12”. These new filter test chambers are designed and engineered by APC Filtration and capable of performing filter leak testing and fractional efficiency filter testing to American (IEST), European (EN) and pending ISO filter test standards for HEPA and ULPA filters. ISO 29463-1:2017 test standards are in the final review stages before global filter industry implementation.