APC Filtration Inc., is a diversified and vertically integrated manufacturer that, not only design’s filters for specific OEM applications, we design filter media’s as well. In addition APC is a certified test lab that provides testing, measuring and analyzing of filter media’s and finished filter products to meet North American, European and Asia test standards.

Unlike many of our competitors that manufacture standard size construction filters sold direct or through distribution channels or on-line resources and are single market/industry focused, APC is truly a diversified market/industry manufacturer selling direct to global OEM’s of industrial, commercial and domestic equipment and appliances. The applications range significantly and we deal with every industry from A to Z.

Industries we serve include Aerospace, Agricultural, Air Purification, Appliances, Automotive Equipment, Biological Equipment, Cabin Air Filters, Containment Systems, Dental Equipment, Disaster Recovery Ventilation Equipment, HVAC Equipment, Infection Isolation Rooms & Surgical Suites, Manufacturing Equipment, Mobile Equipment, Medical Appliances & Equipment, Off-Road Equipment, Pharmaceutical Equipment, and Protective Environment Rooms to name a few.

The majority of our OEM’s and client applications are proprietary and held in strict confidence. In fact, APC’s office, manufacturing and filter testing is locked down facility to provide the highest level of security and confidence measures for our Military, Defense and Security clients.

The following project examples are non-proprietary applications we can share to provide you with some insight into the diversified industries and applications we supply.