Air Force Air Filter Cleaning

Military vehicles are often faced with the toughest environmental conditions and difficult terrains. They require specific design and critical protection to ensure the safety of the operators.

APC is proud to work with military industry to provide air filters for a variety of vehicles and equipment. We recognize the urgency with which military vehicles operate. All off-road vehicles require a robust cabin air filtration system to operate smoothly. Our custom designed cabin air filters keep critical military equipment and vehicles running reliably and efficiently in even the toughest environments.

We supply air filters for vehicles such as ships, tanks, submarines, and off-road land vehicles. Each vehicle poses different challenges and requirements for air filtration systems. APC’s design team seeks to innovate and provide efficient solutions in these varied environments. APC has designed HVAC filters that are cleanable and easily interchangeable in vehicles such as these to ensure quick protection of personnel in harsh environments.

APC has also participated in testing HEPA and ULPA filters for a series of chemical and biological shelters. The custom filters required for shelters must capture and filter out various gases and particle sizes while still operating in different humidity levels and temperatures. High quality air filters are important here to ensure the protection of people in the event of a bomb, or chemical or biological fallout.

With over 34 years of experience, APC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of custom filter designs. We are trusted by global OEM’s across a wide range of industries to provide reliable and efficient products. APC is proud to provide our air filter technology to the military and defence operations.

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