The presence of airborne pathogens can have serious, even deadly, consequences for patients, visitors, and staff in hospitals.   APC understands the importance of keeping the air in sensitive areas of the hospital free of dangerous microbes.  We have partnered with a number of medical industry clients in the past to design and manufacture antimicrobial air filters for infection isolation rooms and surgical suites.

APC’s team designs, engineers, manufacturers and tests custom made HEPA and ULPA filters for a variety of medical equipment and HVAC applications.  We have achieved varying levels of filtration efficiency, filter performance and filter life depending on the specific needs of the project.

Recent Projects

Infection Isolation Rooms and Surgical Suites

An international medical industry market leader contacted APC to learn more about our air filter manufacturing and testing facilities.  We worked with this client to develop prototype ULPA filters capable of filtering 99.9995% @ 0.12 micron with a pressure drop of 0.75″ w.g.  Our engineering team created a filter that met the size, pressure drop and performance specifications our client required.  The entire process, from design to testing to approval, was complete in 20 days.  To learn more about this project, click the link below.

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Every year, people die from airborne infectious diseases floating around the air in hospitals. Influenza, the ‘flu’ virus, is one of the most deadly viruses in North America.  APC has designed a variety of filters capable of removing potentially dangerous airborne pathogens from the air.  For a look at our recommendations on how to avoid transmitting or receiving viruses through the air, view the link below.

APC Filtration Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of custom air filters.  APC provides over 34 years’ experience in the design, testing and manufacture of air filters for global OEM’s of industrial, commercial and domestic appliances and equipment.

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