Domestic Air Filter Manufacturer

APC Filtration Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer providing over 35 years’ experience in critical air filter design, engineering, manufacturing, filter testing and appliance/equipment integrity testing to global OEM’s of industrial, commercial and household equipment. The following industries are just a few that we manufacturer air filters for.


APC is a diversified and vertically integrated manufacturer to the appliance industry. Not only do we design, engineer, manufacture and test filters for specific OEM applications, we provide custom made filtration media‘s as well. In addition APC is a certified test lab that provides filter testing, measuring and analyzing of filter media’s, finished filter products and appliance integrity testing to meet North American, European and Asia test standards to ensure the health, safety and proper operation of these appliances.

air purification equipment Filters

APC provides global OEM equipment manufacturers of air purification appliances and equipment with HEPA and ULPA filters that protect civilians, doctors, workers and military personnel over a wide range of applications. These range from personal air purifiers to protection equipment and shelters, air intake filtration systems and cabin air filters for off-road vehicle applications to name a few.

When a multinational appliance manufacturer needs an air filter manufacturer to design, test and build filters to protect people from chemical and biological attacks, they came to APC Filtration. We developed HEPA and ULPA filters to protect vulnerable individuals by removing various gases and particles from the air entering chemical and biological shelters.


For OEM’s of industrial and commercial vacuum equipment APC is a proprietary supplier. Unlike standard glass fiber HEPA media used in most HEPA air filtration applications, industrial and commercial vacuum systems require a bullet proof filter media and filter construction to withstand the abusive environment these filters are subject to. Applications like concrete grinding, sandblasting, rock drilling and mining operations require continuous equipment operation with self-cleaning or washable filters. APC ensures our filters are designed to meet the demanding needs for these applications.

JANITIZED® Replacement vacuum bags & Filters

Janitized® brand vacuum bags and filters are a premium line of replacement filter products designed for heavy duty use in industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners, sweepers and floor care equipment. Janitized® brand filters are the industry’s first and most comprehensive line of replacement filter products that meet UL and USDA product certifications.


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