APC Filtration Inc., is a major supplier of woven and non-woven filter bags to global OEM’s of industrial, commercial and household vacuum equipment and appliances. Over the last 35 years, APC was instrumental in developing filter media’s specific for each industrial, commercial and household filter application. BeaneTM, Micro-TexTM and Surf-TexTM filter media’s are just a few that APC developed that pioneered the evolution from standard woven filter media’s to non-woven filter media technology in the early 80’s. Non-woven filter media’s provide a significantly higher surface area compared to woven filter media’s, in addition to higher dust loading, longer filter life, increased air permeability and lower motor operating temperatures. Non-woven filter media’s can be made stiffer or suppler to enhance the self-cleaning filter properties for each application and/or equipment.

These innovations are still continuing today at APC. The recent development of HEPATEKTM, a new line of nano-fiber and ePTFE filter media’s to be introduced throughout the duration of 2017, will provide the highest filter efficiencies available in non-woven filter media technology ranging from 95% to < 99.97% @ 0.3 micron with pressure drops lower than today’s non-woven medias.