Firefighting Tractors in Fort McMurray

Industry: Firefighting Tractors Application: Other APC Filtration designs, engineers, manufactures, and tests roof-mounted cabin air filters for off-road vehicles. Firefighting tractors operate in a variety of harsh conditions where high quality cabin air filters are required to handle the heat and filter smoke, dust, odors, and bacteria before they enter the vehicle. Recently, APC roof-mounted cabin air […]

Washable Cabin Air Filter and Assembly

Industry: Off-Road Construction Equipment Application: Washable Cabin Air Filter Our client is a major cabin air HVAC systems supplier to Bobcat, Caterpillar, Hitachi, John Deer, Komatsu and Volvo. APC was approached by our client near the end of the cabin design process. Unfortunately the design engineers did not provide enough area in the cab body for […]

Vacuum Motor Exhaust Filter

Industry: Appliances – Commercial Cleaning Equipment Application: HEPA Filter for Vacuum Motor Exhaust AMETEK, Inc. is a global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of $3.3 billion. As a major motor supplier to industrial and commercial vacuum cleaner manufacturers, APC was contacted to develop a vacuum motor exhaust filter. The purpose of this filter […]

Compostable Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Industry: Commercial Cleaning Application: Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bags Janitized® is a premium brand of replacement filters for commercial cleaning vacuum cleaners and floor sweepers designed to exceed OEM filter specifications by providing increased air filtration, filter media surface area and filter life to improve indoor air quality. To meet the demand for “Green” products, APC developed a […]

Cabin Air Filtration – Off Road Vehicles

Industry: Mobile Climate Control Systems Application: Cabin Air Filtration – Off Road Vehicles A prospective mobile HVAC company needed a custom air filtration solution for aftermarket cabin air ventilation systems used in off road vehicle applications that included farm equipment, construction equipment, subways and underground mining equipment, Standard cabin air filters did not provide HEPA filtration efficiencies and/or […]

APC Manufactures Antimicrobial ULPA Air Filter for Medical Industry

A global market leader and respected pioneer of advances in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies visited APC to examine our manufacturing and filter testing capabilities to develop an antimicrobial HEPA filter for its patient warmer devices used in hospitals. They wanted raw material alternatives capable of killing microbes on contact, including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus […]

Battery Cooling Air Filter for Hybrid Buses

Industry: Commercial & Transit Vehicles Application: Hybrid Bus Battery Pack Inlet Filter A Tier 1 battery manufacturer required a higher performance air filter to the current filter used to filter cooling air entering a roof mounted battery pack for Hybrid transit buses. They needed a cartridge/panel style filter with the ability to quantifiably capture 85% of 0.5 […]

4V Antimicrobial HEPA Filter for Swine Industry

Industry: Livestock Science (Swine) Application: Reduce airborne transmission of the PRRS virus. Our swine industry client shared a problem common to all those who maintain swine facilities: combating the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus. The virus, which affects breathing in young pigs and the reproductive system in older, breeding livestock, is spread by porcine nasal […]

Washable Sweeper Filters for Commercial Vehicle

Industry: Military Vehicles Application: Combat Environments APC played a critical role for our client to develop a proven functional filtration solution for extreme environments. Our filters have been used worldwide in the roughest military applications, proficiently filtering cabin air as well as reducing noise. A critical job of the military and its equipment is to deliver […]

Aseptic Custom HEPA Filter Design

Industry: Food & Pharmaceutical Equipment Application: Aseptic Processing Aseptic processing is the process by which a sterile (aseptic) product (typically food or pharmaceutical) is packaged in a sterile container in a way that maintains sterility. Sterility is achieved with a flash-heating process (temperature between 195 and 295 °F (91 to 146 °C) which retains more […]