Cutting-Edge Filtration Technology!

APC Filtration’s highly anticipated line of HEPATEK HEPA and ULPA filters provide a truly practical option to traditional microfiber glass filters. Manufactured in a new ISO certified controlled environment, this technology break-through provides multiple performance advantages for critical air applications:

Electronics – Food Processing – Laboratory – Medical Devices – Pharmaceutical – Semiconductor

Energy Conservation = Energy Savings!

HEPATEK filters are designed to reduce pressure drop, reduce fiber migration, reduce energy costs and improve filtration efficiency vs traditional microfiber glass filters.


Key Features & Benefits!

Reduce energy consumption by up to 50% with nantechnology

Up to 50% lower resistance vs microfiber glass filter media

 Filter Efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 micron to 99.99999% at 0.1 – 0.2 micron
Negligible off-gassing properties compared to microfiber glass filter media
More robust, stable and reliable compared to microfiber glass filter media
 No fiber migration vs microfiber glass filter media
 Reduce filter size and maintain performance
 Highly resistant to corrosive environments
Custom designed filters made to order!