APC’s Critical Air Filter Manufacturing Process

When a client approaches APC to design and manufacture a custom air filter, our RFQ process provides a predefined approach to filter design and performance expectations for client review. Once filter design has been established, product drawings are created for customer review and approval. Then BOM’s are created for costing and a quote is prepared…

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Why ULPA Filters?

ULPA (Ultra Low Particulate Air) filters are required in sensitive areas that require the highest level of air filtration. An ULPA filter meeting North American and European test standards can remove from the air a minimum of 99.999% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria particles at 0.12 microns or larger. ULPA filters can also be used in…

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Critical Air Filters for OEM’s

Critical air filters are designed and engineered to meet airflow ranges from 1 to 5000 SCFM. Filter efficiencies range from prefilters starting at 60% ASHRA Efficiency up to ULPA at 99.999995% @ 0.1 microns in particle size. APC qualifies each filter design through in-house 3D modeling and laboratory testing to meet North America and European…

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Popular Types of Air Filters

Air filters remove particles such as dust and dirt, as well as other harmful contaminants, from the air. Many industries use air filters to purify the air in order to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of all persons. There are several different filters used, with the four most common described in more detail below.…

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HEPA filters and cigarette smoke

Do HEPA Filters Help with Cigarette Smoke?

It’s no secret that smoke from cigarettes, e-cigs, and cigars contains harmful particles that can cause illness as well as property damage with extensive use. In large commercial buildings, like condominiums, apartments, or office buildings where indoor smoking may be allowed, it’s important to maintain a regular cleaning routine and equipment to ensure the air…

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APC test facilities air filters

APC’s New ISO 6 Clean Room Increases Filter Testing Capabilities

Increased demand for tighter ISO controls in high purity and critical air filter production also requires filter tests labs to be climate controlled to ensure temperature and humidity is consistent during filter testing operations. Critical air filters, including HEPA and ULPA filters are susceptible to failure if environmental conditions during filter media storage, pleating, assembly…

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custom air filters for disaster recovery

Custom Air Filters to Help with Disaster Recovery

Hurricane season in North and South America is only just starting, and yet we’ve seen some powerful storms already across the region. Hurricanes Michael, Florence, and Leslie are just three of the most destructive named hurricanes that have lead to widespread flooding, wind damage, displacement, and casualties. With climate change contributing to more powerful and…

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custom air filters for animal caging systems

Custom Air Filters for Animal Caging Systems

APC Filtration works with global OEM’s to design custom air filters for animal caging systems and the caging industry. There are a variety of considerations to make when designing custom air filters and HEPA filters for animal caging systems, and APC has proudly stood up to the challenge for years. Maintaining high air quality and…

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