APC’s team has worked with a number of clients in the medical industry to develop air filters for laboratories and bio-safety equipment.  It is essential that medical professionals and researchers working with hazardous pathogens have a filtration system that captures and eliminates any harmful microbes.  With the potential danger very real, these facilities require a filter that will not fail.

The APC engineering team has designed, tested, and manufactured air filters for a variety of medical industry needs. These filters must meet specific mechanic, filtration, and safety needs.

Recent Projects

hepa filter for biological safety cabinet

A biological safety cabinet manufacturer required a two stage HEPA filter.  They contacted APC for a custom filtration solution.  Working with the manufacturer, APC developed a HEPA filter that met their exact needs, including a redundant filter that met EN1822 H14 filter efficiency, construction with specific materials, and custom shipping packaging.  For more information on this project, click the link below.

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Biological Safety Cabinet Air Filter Schematic

Biosafety is critical when dealing with hazardous materials.  It is extremely important that the air filtration system eliminates all potentially harmful airborne pathogens in hospitals and medical research facilities.  The effective operation of these systems can mean the difference between life and death.  For more information on biosafety and APC’s past work, click the link below.

APC Filtration Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of custom air filters.  APC provides over 34 years’ experience in the design, testing and manufacture of air filters for global OEM’s of industrial, commercial and domestic appliances and equipment.

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