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Industrial Sweeper Industrial Scrubber Panel Filters

Industry: Industrial Sweepers & Scrubbers
Application: Industrial All-Terrain Sweeper

Sweepers are used in airports, conference centers, office buildings, manufacturing facilities and train stations to sweep and vacuum dust and debris from roads and walkways. A major OEM contacted APC due to problems encountered with their panel filters used to capture dust and debris. In high humidity or moisture conditions the panel filters would plug up quickly requiring frequent cleaning and/or downtime for filter change. In cases were concrete dust was being vacuumed, high humidity or moisture conditions were detrimental to filter life.  A robust panel filter was required to capture the finest of dust yet durable enough to handle liquids and sharp metal objects.

APC provided four (4) filter media options to cover all applications and operating conditions:

1.   Good - Thermoplastic cellulose filter media. 
2.   Better - 100% washable polyester. 
3.   Best - 100% washable polyester with aluminized anti-static finish for dissipation of static charge.
4.   Most Demanding - 100% washable HEPA filter with PTFE membrane laminate.

APC redesigned filter frame construction to a four (4) piece rigid 24 gauge electro-galvanized steel frame, designed to prevent flexing and premature corrosion.  Additional stiffeners were added to handle the sweepers automatic vibration cleaning  system.

Filter life was extended significantly reducing equipment downtime, filter waste disposal and maintenance costs.

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Custom Designed Washable and Durable Sweeper Filter Specifications:

Product Description Industrial All-Terrain Sweeper Filter
Filtration Efficiency Capabilities
MERV Rating ASHREA 52.2-2007 BS EN779:2002
60 - 65%
70 - 75%
80 - 90%
90 - 95%
F6 - 60-80%
F6 - 60-80%
F7 - 80-90%
F8 - 90-95%
F9 - >95%
BS EN1822:2009 IEST RP-CC001.5 - (0.3 µm)
E10 (formerly H10)
E11 (formerly H11)
E12 (formerly H12)
EN1822-5:2009 IEST RP-CC001.5 - (0.12 µm)

Custom designed filters to meet any filtration efficiency

Filter Frame Sizes Custom frame sizes available at additional tooling charge
Custom frame sizes available in any size or shape.
Frame Materials Plastic - high impact ABS, PVC, PS and custom molded or extruded profiles as required.
Metal - extruded aluminum, 22g and 24g galvanized metal, roll formed in any gauge as required.
Wood - plywood and special MDF
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Custom Design - 100 pcs (plus any applicable tooling)
Delivery Time Production: 3- 4 weeks
Tooling: 10 to 12 weeks
Delivery Location FOB: Manufacturing & Warehouse Locations
Ancaster, Ontario Canada
Buffalo, New York, USA
Rancho Dominguez, California, USA
Port of Shanghai, China
Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008
Laboratory Testing Capabilities

U shaped Duct Testing to ASHRAE 52.2 and EN779 standards.

LMS2000 the most accurate test system for HEPA and ULPA Filters.

Horizontal Duct Testing to ASHRAE 52.1 and old EN779 Standards for Dust Spot Efficiency, Arrestance and Holding Capacity.

Maximum Panel Filter size for test lab = 72"; x 24" x 24" deep.
Maximum Radial Filter size for test lab = 48" diameter x 24" deep.

Product Design & Graphic Software Capabilities Solidworks 3D Design
AutoCAD 2D
Adobe Illustrator
Other Applications for Panel Filters
Air Purifier Equipment & Appliances
Appliances, Industrial, Commercial & Domestic
Automotive Equipment
Automotive Manufacturing
Biological Equipment
Cabin Air Filters
Commercial, Industrial, Institutional Buildings
Containment Systems
Correctional Facilities
Dental Equipment
Disaster Recovery Ventilation Equipment
Electrical Panels & Switches
Floor Sweepers
Food & Beverage Manufacturing
Government Buildings
HazMat Equipment
Health Care Facilities
Hospital Equipment
Hotels (Public Spaces)
Industrial Plants - Offices, Plant Air
Infection Isolation Rooms, Surgical Suites
Institutional Facilities
Medical Appliances & Equipment
Microelectronics, Semiconductor
Pharmaceutical Equipment & Production
Photo Film
Processing, Food Processing, Storage, Soiled Holding Areas
Protective Environment Rooms, Airborne
Research Facilities
Sensitive Processes
Solar Panel Manufacturing
Train Stations, Bus Depots
University Laboratories
Wind Turbines

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